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  • Website: Mpi Client Here
  • Technologies Used: php,laravel,mysql

MPI App, is used by the drivers hired by Motion Picture Industries, for logging hours to the MPI Driver Log System (MPI Hours of Service). The project has active multiple roles logins enabled for Production admins, Production Heads, System admin, etc all comes under custom ACL implementation. This is based on the new rules about Hours of Service only applicable in British Columbia, Canada.

• Automatic alerts for MPI Rule violation
• 14-day and 7-day driver log recap
• Real-time logging for current duty status
• Recurring reminders to update duty status
• Send current and past logs by email to anyone
• View past logs using MOT inspection
• Create/View/Update Trip report
• Send Call/Wrap times
• Manage vehicle fleet
• Graphical view of remaining duty times
• Track multiple employers and vehicles in single shift


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